• "Vicious comments by online (anonymous) commenters following my writing a piece about gender equity in tech industry."
  • "Traveling to certain places and being the only female on a team can be intimidating- particularly in 3rd world countries or in the South 20 years ago. My company didn’t know how to prepare me for that."
  • "After speaking at events, I've been followed by aggressive attendees to my car on several occasions."
  • "Coworker had anger issues especially toward women. I told my boss who blew me off. He was eventually arrested at work for a violent episode."
  • "I was the COO of a large company, and the CEO was very unstable. I decided to leave (life is too short), and he asked if I would stay with the company if he killed himself. I declined, and then he starting asking questions about what kind of car I drive, what my son looks like...I was nervous for months.:
  • "After a colleague made a (VERY unwanted) advance, I did not complain to anyone but I ensured that I never was alone with him outside an office setting. Not complaining was a mistake. The colleague later criticized me in a review as 'not putting in enough hours.' If I'd filed a complaint, his spiteful slap back at me would have been put in context. But I wouldn't have known whom to complain to or how."
  • "I publicly embarrassed him. That worked."
  • "Spoke to peers and asked their advice. This served to neuter the person involved from a social standpoint."

What Would They Have Done Differently:

  • "Hard to say. He worked in HR so I would have had to go to the head of HR which felt career limiting. That said, after I left I know he continued to harass other women, which makes me wish I had filed a complaint. I'm not proud of how I handled it but I was afraid and didn't want to invest any more time or emotional energy. It was behind closed doors, no one else was there, so I knew it would be a he said/she said."
  • "I should have spoken directly to my colleague about his inappropriate comments. In the case of the superior I should have reported it but was quite young and not confident in my position at the time."
  • "Spoken to HR. But we didn't have that person in the venture capital firm. Didn't know who to talk to."
  • "I didn't file because it seemed like an innocuous statement between long-time friendly colleagues at the time. However, the repercussions of my rejecting my superior caused him to be very negative towards me and make my work life very difficult."

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